JEC Europe 2014: innovative products, aimed at dry preform manufacturing and infusion


The most innovative products aimed at dry preform manufacturing and infusion where shown in JEC Europe 2014,  the most important trade fair of composites industry that took place in Paris between the 11th and 13th of March. The fair keeps showing a great level as long as it refers to expositors and visitor numbers, as for the quality and quantity of products and innovations that were presented.

The big possibilities that this material offers are already being exploited in all kind of industries and the biggest issue is now the increase of productivity and the improvement of production costs.
In this post we  have highlighted some innovative products, aimed at dry preforming and infusion,  that drew the attention of the DRY COMPOSITES team.

Schmalz showed its solutions for the composites industries, with its range of vacuum and needle grippers for carbon and glas fiber fabrics handling. According to them, they will be launching  briefly electrically operated grippers, which will offer great benefits to those proffesionals who want to avoid the costly compressed air.

Also with the interesting quality of the flexibility to addapt to the desired geometry, Fraunhofer IPT presente two new solutions. An-Octopus Kinematic gripper which is adapted easily to the deposition point, as well asflexible shaped electrostatic grippers.

Schmalz´s and Fraunhfoer IPT´s grippers

Schmalz´s and Fraunhfoer IPT´s grippers


AFPT presented its multimaterial, head winner of the JEC innovation Award 2014 wich is able to process thermoplast tapes, duroplast prepregs and dry fiver rovings. The head was originally developed by Fraunhoffer IPT. The head is constructed in a modular way and it can be adapted to different fiber materials, such as glass and carbon fibers, as well as various matrix materials on the same equipment, using lasers.

AFPT´s flexible deposition head

AFPT´s flexible deposition head

Companies such as Dieffenbacher or Fives, presented its fully automated cell for composites parts manufacturing. By acquiring the Relay machinery, expertise and intellectual property rights of Fiberforge, Dieffenbacher is investing in the automated tape placement technology, both dry material placement and also adding a key technology to its product portfolio in the growing market for thermoplastic structural components for lightweight design. Hi Pressure Resin Transfer Molding machinery by Kraus Maffei was also presented in the exhibition

Dieffenbacher´s cell for composites parts manufacturing

Dieffenbacher´s automated cell for composites parts manufacturing

An interesting German government funded project was presented at the Show. Saertex, Areva and Bremen University have developed together a new solution for the automated wind blades manufacturing. It consists of a new and innovative approach based on the two-dimensional automated layup of single NCF layers to a multiple stack followed by the forming of the final contour into a 3D preform.

Mapretec´s project

Mapretec´s project for automated wind blade manufacturing

Fraunhofer IFAM presented 0,3 micrometer thick plasma-polymer release layer that leaves no residues of release agents on either the component or the mold.

Fraunhofer IFAM´s thick plasma-polymer

Fraunhofer IFAM´s thick plasma-polymer

Textechno presented DRAPETEST, a new automatic drapability tester, that has won the JEC Innovation Award in 2014. The solution to automatically characterize drapability and the formation of defects during draping and forming. the tester combines the measurement of the force, which is required for forming, with an optical analysis of small-scale defects such as gaps and loops by means of image analysis. An optional triangulation sensor can determine large-scale defects such as wrinkles

Textechno´s drapability characterization system

Textechno´s drapability characterization system


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