An initiative by DANOBAT Composites to share the latest advancements of dry composites materials for automation in high-tech industries (aerospace, automotive, wind turbines and other uses). From manufacturing technology, new materials, software and applications we promote industry discussion, networking and knowledge sharing between companies, research centers and experts about the use of dry composite material for structural pieces.

Dry Composites refers to the complete composite made of any dry fabric form (i.e. NCF, woven, braid), requiring an infusion process (i.e. RTM, LRTM, VAP…).

ADMP>ATL>>AFPAutomated Dry Material Placement – ADMP – is a disruptive solution to automate the manufacturing of dry preform for aerospace composite parts

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  1. Jason Alty

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a final year masters student currently studying Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering, and I happened across your website when searching for composite manufacturing processes for a project.

    I am looking at various methods that could be used to create a 7m long wing out of composite material, and was taken in by your articles about dry composites. Would you be able to assist me in a more indepth understanding of what costs are involved and hopefully a rough estimate on the costs I’d be looking at if I were to create a cost analysis for a process such as Resin Infusion? I am mainly struggling to find figures for the larger machinery or moulds that would be necessary, which I hope you could assist me on.

    I am more than happy to phone whenever is convenient, assuming you’re able to help. If not, I apologise for any time wasted and I thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,
    Jason Alty


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